Interiors Roundup – Statement Mirrors!

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Welcome back to another post in our Interiors Roundup series! Today we're taking a look at gorgeous statement mirrors for the home.

Mirrors have long been a part of the world of interior design. Their versatility & functionality means that mirrors are suitable for every room in the home & never look out of place. If you feel like you're a bit of an interior design novice, you really can't go wrong with a mirror! Some may opt for bold, ornate frames or mosaic patterns to make their statement, while others will stick with a minimal style mirror with a focus on size & placement.

Because mirrors are such a popular tool for interior design, there's no limit to the styles that we can choose from. Mirror styles tend to keep up with the changing trends in interior design, so adding a new mirror to your home is a fab way to give your home a mini update.

If you're a fan of older decor eras, incorporating an older style mirror - such as a Victorian looking glass or an Art Deco Fantail piece - can really help you to add your stamp on a space! Mirrors also reflect more light, make rooms appear bigger & can easily function as a gorgeous focal point - all things to make your home feel happier & brighter!

Today we've collated some gorgeous statement mirrors from Instagram - we hope these inspire you to get adventurous with your next mirror purchase!

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