Friday Inspo – Today Will Be…

Happy Friday Everyone! Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor Studio! Hooray for Friday, we’re so glad to see you here. Today we wanted to share a simple but colourful infographic to remind you to keep your chin up – remember that no matter what happens, today can & will be FABULOUS! It can be hard […]

Thursday Inspo – #pumpkinflowers

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog! We hope you’re all loving this Autumnal weather & the festive vibes in the air. As many of our readers may know, here in the Rachael Taylor Studio we are HUGE fans of all things floral & festive, so today we’re sharing a fantastic DIY floral […]

Plant Girl Iris – Autumn at Arley Hall

I love this time of year! There’s such beautiful colours around. 1 day a week I’m learning a new botanical skill, which compliments my design & photography work too (you can read my previous posts here). I just love it as my time at Arley makes me so relaxed (& I do it instead of the gym). […]

Find It Fix It Flog It Feature #2

I was so excited to finally see the lovely feature that my quirky, bespoke upholstery fabric received on award winning daytime TV show Find It Fix It Flog It! I was asked by the wonderful presenter Simon O’Brien to design a unique, bespoke design to be printed on upholstery fabric for an antique, winged back chair […]

Friday Inspo – Advice for The Weekend!

Happy Friday! Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog! Today we want to share a fun, empowering graphic (by the fab @ragandrose_ltd on Insta) to help you have an even better weekend! We love that this graphic reminds us to get our positive boots on, have fun, enjoy ourselves & really start living! PS: if you love fashion, […]

Thursday Inspo – Amazing Autumn Baking!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog – we hope you’ve all had a fab week! Today’s post is especially sweet as we’re exploring some gorgeous Autumnal baked goods, complete with bright colours, fun themes & gorgeous presentation! This time of year lends itself to lots of warming and fun rituals, such as baking and indulging in our favourite sweet […]

Friday Inspo – Mind Over Matter!

Happy Friday! Hello everyone! Hooray for the weekend – we hope you’e had a lovely week filled with gorgeous Autumnal inspiration! Today we’re sharing an uplifting little quote from the Rachael Taylor Studio. It’s a simple reminder that no matter how overwhelming something may feel, we’re capable of focusing on bigger & brighter things. This […]

Interiors Roundup – Bring the Autumn Vibes!

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog and HAPPY AUTUMN! We know it has been Autumn for nearly two weeks, but now that we’re into October it’s really starting to feel that way, too. Autumn is one of our FAVOURITE seasons – there is so much creative inspiration to soak up over the […]

Friday Inspo – Good Mood, Good Vibe, Good Life!

Happy Friday Everyone! The weekend is nearly here & we are feeling especially grateful for the sunshine. We’ve had a great week & hope you have too! Today we’re sending out some positivity through the wise words of poet Cleo Wade. Rachael often shares Cleo’s work on Instagram & the team love her uplifting work […]

Garden & Flowers Photoshoot Behind The Scenes

Last week we had a day of really fun & colour-filled shooting in my garden with lots of flowers & foliage. The day was a mixture of getting some gardening shots for my studio & making some gorgeous flower art for The Colour Gang (my sister site Make it in Design’s membership club). We had […]