Interiors Roundup – More #shelfie Love!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog & to another Interiors Roundup post! We hope you've all had a fantastic week so far. After spotting them all over Insta, today we're excited to again be exploring the wonderful world of the #shelfie.

If you haven't heard of them, a 'shelfie' is a fun combination of the words shelf & selfie. All over the world, people are snapping photos of their beautifully organised shelves that show off various decor, books, bric-a-brac, artwork / prints & more! We absolutely LOVE the #shelfie movement as there are so many possibilities with decorating shelves & putting your favourite bits & bobs on display.

Rachael has taken tons of shelfies over the last couple of years & even the RT team has been inspired by the thousands of shelfies on social media. We especially love the rainbow book trend, where people have been arranging their books in colour order. What's not to love?

If you'd love to arrange your own shelfie but don't know where to start, check out places like Ikea for affordable shelving units or wall shelves. Next, gather up some of your favourite things in your home that you'd love to see more often - perhaps a souvenir from a holiday, a gorgeous print you got at an art fair, a beautifully designed book cover & even your favourite fairy lights! What you put on your shelf is completely up to you & there's so many ways you can express your sense of creativity & style. Then, get snapping!

Today we've gathered up some of our favourite recent shelfies to inspire you! These are just the tip of the iceberg - check out the shelfie hashtag on IG to get super inspired & start sharing your very own! You can also take part in fun social media trends like #shelfiesunday - why not try re-arranging your shelves once a month or so to keep things fresh?

We hope today's sheflies inspire you to do something creative in the coming weeks! Be sure to share your creations online & join in on the fun!

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