Planning & Dreams Coming True

Recently I've had a few days of planning & dreaming, (this image was captured on a recent fancy photoshoot, I’m really in my pjs with scruffy hair!) I've been working on lots of things behind the scenes recently, things that I've been dreaming about for a long time!

So... one of these dreams is that my little garden studio shed has just been accepted for the Channel 4 Amazing Spaces 2018 Shed of The Year competition! You can’t actually vote until after Christmas, but I will announce when you can as I’d really love your support. It was only finished this September & the whole garden re-design brought me to tears at times. It was worth it in the long run as it really is a dream space for me to work in. I still need to add more details to the inside but my favourite part is definitely my bonkers bespoke vinyl floor design. This is all a bit funny! I hope people like it (I still need to blog about the process, will get round to it soon I promise!)

Photography by Kimmy from Struth Photography. You can read all about the start of my studio build here on the blog. You can also follow me on Instagram for daily updates of what craziness I'm up to next!

Here's to your dreams coming true!

Rachael xoxo

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