Interiors Roundup – The Copper Craze!

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Welcome back to another Interiors Roundup post on the Rachael Taylor blog! We hope everybody has had a fabulous week.

As we've just entered a new season & we are in the run up to Christmas, we wanted to share some inspiring ideas to get your home ready for festive fun! Don't worry - we don't mean major renovation projects like Rachael's - we're talking small, stylish touches to make your home feel up to date, modern & full of personality.

Today's little list has been put together based on the biggest trends in interiors this year: copper! This trend can be seen in almost every interiors magazine & all over Instagram, Pinterest & shops like Not on the High Street.

Providing a rustic yet minimalist vibe, the copper look can usually be seen on home accessories like plant pots, mirrors, hangers, desk lamps & lamp shades. Even unconventional items like record players & shelving units have gone metallic! We especially love how this look creates a warming effect in the home & that you don't need too much of it to make a big impact.

Copper & metallics look particularly good paired with pattern, too: against a bright, patterned accent wall, a copper lamp or hairpin copper chair can create a gorgeous, designer look that is modern & simple. We love it!

Below we've collected some gorgeous examples of copper interior styling. If you want to give your home a little update, why not try a bit of a de-clutter before adding some cute metallic touches!

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If you love the copper trend & want to include it in your home, check out the John Lewis, House of Fraser & the NOTHS copper trend pages! You can find all today's images & tons more in our Pinterest Likes too!

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