Interiors Roundup – Loft Spaces

Happy Thursday! Today we are looking at great loft spaces & the best innovative & interesting ways to use & decorate them! We all know loft spaces can be hard to decorate with their sloping ceilings & limited wall space but take a look at some of the stunning spaces below & be inspired!

From children's bedrooms to kitchens if you work the space right, a loft can be turned into a functional or simply dreamy room. As long as there is enough natural light you can make any loft space seem bigger than it is!

Colour blocking is also a useful tool in making the space seem larger & adds an interesting focal point to the room such as the scrummy mustard yellow used below or using colourful blinds.

Or why not match the wallpaper to the blinds? This adds a theme throughout the room making a cohesive design.

If you are into white then why not try adding small accents of colour to add another dimension to the room?

If your loft space has lots of windows then use the light! Natural lighting is a great way to brighten the room without having to use anything else. Tint the windows or add stencils to create interesting shadows & reflections in the room.

Adding texture whether this be with blinds or wooden accents such as a great up cycled table or beams can also take a room from good to amazing!

Accessories can also make all the difference to a room either by creating one design theme or cleverly mix & matching be sure to be innovative with them!

Photography & blinds from VELUX.










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