Ideas for transforming your gardenšŸŒˆšŸŒæ

We're very excited to share that in a recent issue of Cheshire Living magazine you can now find an article written by Rachael on how to colourfully transform your outdoor space:

"Colour fanatic and talented designer Rachael Taylor sharesĀ some ideas for transforming your garden this summer

For anyone who volunteers atĀ Arley Hall, and particularly itsĀ gardens, there is inspirationĀ at every turn. Rachael TaylorĀ is just one of the peopleĀ who have helped maintainĀ this horticultural gem in recent years whilstĀ also taking notes of what makes the award-winningĀ gardens near Knutsford so special.

Here the print and pattern designer, whoĀ is based in Liverpool, shares some of herĀ know-how with Cheshire Living readers andĀ hopes they can also gain inspiration from theĀ transformation of her own gardenā€¦"

You read the full articleĀ here.

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