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Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog! We hope you've all enjoyed the amazing summer we are having & that you've been feeling as inspired as we have! Today we want to share a little bit on gathering inspiration & how it important that can be when pursuing your creative dreams, challenges & projects.

If you read our blog or follow Rachael on Instagram, you may have spotted that she has taken on an exciting & ambitious van conversion project called VW Serendipity. The project ย will oversee a complete conversion of a Volkswagen T6 Kombi Transporter Van into a portable mini design studio & creative mentoring space for Rachael to continue her teaching around the design industry & the many applications of surface pattern.

Of course, a project like this requires lots of imagination, creativity, research, time, effort, energy & most of all, passion. It can be easy to get excited about a project at the start & then lose interest, however as Rachael is demonstrating with VW Serendipity, it's all about staying inspired ย - seeking inspo wherever possible, doing research to find out more possibilities & really committing to seeing it through.

If you follow Rachael on Instagram, you'll often spot bits & bobs of inspirational posts that relate to her van project. She often shares photos of beautifully ย converted vans, colour schemes, different functionality she's spotted in other revamped vans. She has also created a dedicated VW Serendipity Instagram to show progress & collate more inspiration for the project.

Staying inspired from start to finish is a great way to see your project through. You could be a painter or a pattern designer building a collection & other priorities have taken over, or perhaps you're a fashion designer looking to creating that perfect garment but haven't had the same excitement for it anymore. We'd encourage you to seek inspiration for everything you do - it will inspire creativity in yourself & even in others!

Below we have shared some of our favourite inspirational posts from Rachael's VW Serendipity project - these inspire her & help her to envision the final result & that's a fab way to keep up your creative momentum. Share images, take images, tear out pages in magazines, create mood boards - whatever you do, know the power of inspiration!

It maybe a ferry but funky vanspiration... ๐ŸŒˆ

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