Interiors Roundup – Throw Cushions!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to another post in the Interiors Roundup series! Today we're looking at one of our FAVOURITE decor items - the throw cushion!

For designers like Rachael, throw cushions make the perfect canvas to show off their patterns & have them featured in their homes. Nearly every room in the house welcomes a throw cushion & they are easily one of the most versatile textiles in home decor. If you've ever had your own designs printed on fabric, cushions also make a simple DIY project so you can really personalise your home.

Even if you're not a pattern designer yourself, cushions are a fab way to express your taste & style while making your home cosy & comfortable. Giant cushions can be used as a beanbag-style-stool for sitting on in the garden, medium cushions are great for accenting your sofas & chairs & small decorative cushions can be placed along shelves & mantles to add some texture & colour!

While we'd love to say you can't have too many throw cushions, we know that houses only have a finite amount of space. A good way to change things up easily is to only by the cushion cover (or make it yourself). That way you can change things up & easily wash / replace your cushion covers when you fancy something different.

If you feel your home lacks a little colour, pattern & personality but aren't sure how to change things up, why not take a trip to your local homewares shop for a peek at some cushions? You'd be amazed what a difference a few of these can really make! Below are some examples of how cushions can add style & a lot of fun to a space.

Happy decorating!

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One thought on “Interiors Roundup – Throw Cushions!

  1. Sophie

    I absolutely adore throw cushions! I think they’re such a great way to add pops of colour to your living space and really personalise it. Even if you’ve got your dream house and your dream sofa, it still adds that extra something special. I like the idea of buying several different cushion covers and changing them up rather than buying loads of cushions – I will have to try that.


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