Interiors Roundup – Art Print Love!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog! We hope you've all had a fantastic week so far - today we're looking at gorgeous artistic prints for the home.

Paintings, portraits, photography & art prints have always been a staple in interior design. But with the rise of sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy & upload-your-art sites like Society6, the range & variation in prints is better than it has ever been!

Nowadays there's something for everyone - whether you love bold typography prints & inspiring quotes, or vibrant photography & abstract pieces, there's so many ways to make a statement in each room in your home. Arranging your prints into a fun themed collage is another way to make a fab statement in a room - you could mix beautiful quotes in with lovely photos of family, or even just stick to a colour theme to make a room feel bolder & brighter.

Pinterest is filled with amazing templates for print arrangements & we've also included a few examples below as well. If you want to bring a new lease of life on your space but aren't sure how, why not order some unique & quirky prints to hang in your home? A framed print is a lovely & effective way to add some style & sophistication to your space & there are so many ways to get expressive!

Below are a few Instagram accounts that offer gorgeous prints that we love - be sure to give them a peek or check out 'prints' on Etsy for some lovely hand-crafted items too! Happy decorating everyone!

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