Reloved Upholstery Collection – Grand Designs Live

Last week we have you sneak peek at Rachael's upcoming collaboration with Reloved Upholstery for a live demonstration at Grand Designs Live. Today we wanted to give you a better look at the designs Rachael provided for Simion's Ottomini live build (a small & cute version of an ottoman/footstool).

The demos will be on May 8th & 10th at Grand Designs Live, located at London Excel. You will see Simion building the footstool from scratch & upholstering with Rachael's fabrics (printed by the amazing Fashion Formula). Find him at the Design & Build Forum at 3.30pm on both days.

As for the designs' Rachael provided Simion, some designs were pulled from Rachael's large archive of popular print designs & we're recoloured such as the 'Abstract Burst Retro' design, which Rachael has previously used as a fashion fabric for a maxi dress. Other designs are brand new & exclusive for the demo such as 'Butterfly Dance' & 'Forest Fiesta', which were created on Rachael's recent trips to Gran Canaria & cinque Terre. You can all 6 designs Rachael provided below.

Rachael got to know Simion at one of his upholstery workshops & had such an amazing time using her own fabrics to create a stunning footstool & even learning how to make buttons! You can read all about Rachael's experience here. After the workshop Rachael & Simion became fast friends & have been working behind the scenes on some something that will be announced later in the year. Stay tuned!

You can find Simion here: Instagram | Twitter | Website

Make sure to follow Rachael on Instagram | Twitter for more behind the scenes of the exciting projects she is working on this year!

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