Thursday Inspo – Hello February!

Hello Everyone!

Happy February! We hope you're as excited as we are to welcome a brand new month - we cant wait to see what February brings!

When we think about February, so many lovely things come to mind. For a start, it marks the end of January, a month that can often be a bit dreary and challenging for creatives & lovers of warmth & sunshine. Many people welcome February with open arms, especially as the mornings & evenings get brighter & brighter as we head towards Spring.

Second, February is a month all about LOVE! Although Valentine's Day is traditionally aimed at couples, nowadays many people take part in giving Valentines treats & cards to their friends & family too. Valentine making is a fantastic idea for crafters, stationery designers & even kids who love a bit of arts & crafts time. Not only that, it's yet another excuse to decorate! You could try making lovely Valentine's themed decorations, could create some gorgeous pink & red bunting, or could even try putting up a mini Valentine's day tree!

Of course, with Valentines Day comes even more reason to eat some chocolate, which many of us can get excited about. That includes a reason to get creative with baking too - you can get some of your friends around to bake some gorgeous heart-shaped shortbreads or even make some fun baked goods with your family.

With the days getting a little longer, February is also a great month to get back into some activities that you may have put to one side during the darker winter period, such as some fresh morning (or evening) walks or runs! Really there are so many things that February brings & today we're here to welcome this fabulous month!

To do just that, today we've gathered up some gorgeous 'Hello February' typography & other examples of creatives celebrating this leap towards Spring. We think this is truly an inspirational time of year & we hope this post helps you see that too. It may still be winter but there's still so much to be excited about!

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