Friday Inso – Face the Fear!

Happy Friday!

Hello everyone! Wow - the first week of January is nearly over & it's hard to believe that we are well & truly into 2018. Many of us are taking on our resolutions & are full of ambition, determination, creativity & excitement for what lies ahead. Inevitably, big dreams can sometimes come with fears & doubts; if you're feeling a little anxious or thinking "can I really do it?", today we want to remind you that YOU GOT THIS!

We're sharing this vibrant design from the Rachael Taylor archive - it simply says, "face the fear." If you feel held back by your fears, we hope today's post is a little reminder to show it who's boss! You can do whatever you want if you truly put your mind to it - you're creative, strong, smart & you are YOU. Recognising what you can do is an amazing first step.

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Posted by: Holly

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