Friday Inspo – When Life Gets Blurry…

Happy Friday All!

It's nearly the weekend & we couldn't be more excited! The sun is shining, the festive decorations are up & we are so ready for some festive chill time!

This time of year is so magical & is definitely a favourite, but as we all know it can also get a little overwhelming. Between all the Christmas parties, the gift buying & the scrambling to get work & home life organised before a nice break can sometimes distract us from what really matters - our creativity, our wellbeing & our overall happiness!

Here's a fabulous little quote reminder to keep the right things in focus - if all the things around you start to make those important parts of life a little blurry, be sure to take a step back & put things into perspective. Don't forget to take time for yourself & family this holiday season!

Posted by: Holly

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