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Next year marks the 10th Anniversary since I left my safe/in-house full time design job to fly solo. I literally handed in my notice before the big recession started (obviously I didn’t know that was about to happen), but taking a risk paid off. I felt like a number & not an individual working for such a big organisation whilst the experience set me up for life & I met a number of fab creatives. It just wasn’t for me.

I started off freelancing, which then led to bespoke commissions, licensing deals, a product label &bigger & better licensing. There have been many trade shows, art shows, overseas trips, agency work, setting up a 2nd company (Make it in Design), writing e-courses, Co-founding a magazine, a major copyright infringement battle, book deals, overseas trips, lecturing, teaching & delivering seminars at shows, a fab team & I’m currently working on a 3rd stream to my business!

There have been highs, lows, exhaustion, stress, tears (both sad & happy ones), little sleep, lots of sleep, laughter, silliness, complete moments of feeling like ‘what the hell am I doing?’ Along with euphoric moments of ‘this is best job in the world!’ but generally there has been an array of amazing stuff. I’ve worked so hard, I’m a firm believer of that you can make anything happen if you really put your mind to it but I also believe in serendipity, paying attention to the signs & most of all I’m quite spontaneous & take chances. I’m not super confident, I just think what’s the worst that can happen you get a no or it doesn’t work out but at least you got to live the experience & know you tried & probably have a funny tale to tell!

My design career has been a creative whirlwind, I’ve seen my work decorate almost every area in the marketplace along with a diverse range of applications from furniture, textiles & greetings to clothing & cars! I’m so lucky to have these experiences. However, as much as I wouldn’t change a thing I wish I had someone to guide me at times. This is why I Co-founded Make it in Design as I want to share my experiences to help you in your career. I want to give back to the design community & build a brilliant network of go-getting creatives.

There is currently up to 50% off on our design courses in our Cyber Sale & we have even bundles together courses so that you can get the best out of what you need to help further your individual design career! Check out the Make it in Design shop for all of our offers.

Good luck & get going!

Rachael xoxo

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