Being a Working Designer

Happy Monday! I've had an admin heavy / finishing off those niggly jobs kind of weekend. I always like to pin up a giant sheet of paper & create a giant doodle wall on boring days like these & just draw for the fun of it & give myself a little break. This is something that I always encourage our Make it in Design community to practice also. (Photography by Kimmy from Struth Photography.)

As working designers we have to look after so many things from accounts & marketing to admin. Even if you have help you will still always need to be involved somehow. I wish I could just draw all day, everyday! Now that would be a dream but I’m so thankful that drawing is even part of my job & that I get to work in such an exciting & ever evolving industry.

I think creative people are always hard on themselves & super critical so just doodling & getting lost in the process & not worrying about the end result can really help with mindfulness.

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Rachael xoxo

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