How is this my job?

There are some days in the studio that really make me take a step back & think... how is this my job? The majority of my work days are so varied & full of so much multi-tasking that I thought I'd  discuss an example of a day I had recently.

I had a huge to-do list to get through on this particular day &, as I mentioned, the tasks were so varied that it really kept me on my toes. Here's how my list looked:

  1. I had to hire a hair & make up artist ahead of some filming that is coming up
  2. Research on photographers for some shoots I want to do
  3. Sign off on a bespoke floor design that I've created (with Kelly's magical assistance)
  4. Work on a dress design
  5. Prepare two more fashion fabrics
  6. Ship orders from my online shop
  7. Check in on the fabulous Make it in Design Summer School
  8. Sign off on adverts for Amy Butler's Blossom magazine
  9. A bit of creative styling for Instagram
  10. Oh & sign off an a *mega* (TOP SECRET) exciting proposal!

This list doesn't even include the daily admin & emails that I usually have to go through too, since that's not the fun bit!

I really am grateful everyday that this is somehow my job to get to do fun things like book photoshoots & get dresses made from my own print designs.

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