Peace & Love

Most of you will know that the UK has really been through it over the last couple of weeks so we just wanted to take a moment to share a little bit of peace & love with each and everyone of you.

Manchester, London & Britain overall have shown such remarkable spirit & admirable positivity in the face of hard times & we have never been prouder to be part of such a diverse, loving & optimistic country. Watching the #OneLoveManchester concert the other night filled us with so much love & pride for how we were really being an incredible example to the world to spread love & not hate. It was amazing to see thousands of people coming together despite the heartbreak to celebrate the lives that were tragically taken & all those impacted over the past few weeks.

We have nothing but love for everyone that has been affected & our hearts & thoughts go out to them.

We choose love because in the end - love always wins.

If you feel like you want to help even in a small way then the British Red Cross are taking donations to help both London & Manchester & anyone who has been affected.

We know there have been many other countries affected by horrific events also, we send our love & support worldwide & just know that we need to stand together & hope for a better future as we continue to love, support, and be there for one another.

The Rachael Taylor Studio team xo

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