The Power of Networking

Some thoughts from my NYC work trip!

I spent a fair bit of time networking whilst out in NYC. Some people may view it as glorified socialising & in some ways it is... When you run your own business it can become isolating at times & you naturally always put extra pressure on yourself & never truly switch off. It can be hard for people to understand that as lovely as being a business owner is, it's overwhelming at times & sometimes they just don't get your vision. A simple get together with other business owners / like minded peers can give you that instant pick me up & give you your mojo back.

When you're working on deadlines it can be hard to drag yourself away but networking & stepping away is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Being in a new environment naturally sparks new ideas & potential new collaborations that you may have never even considered if you hadn't stepped away from your desk & out of your comfort zone.

I'm always asked for top business tips throughout my e-courses so I just wanted to promote the power of networking - it's magical! Surround yourself with like-minded people & connect with businesses / individuals you admire & their energy will help you grow & in turn you will encourage, support & help to spark new ideas for them also.

Quote photo credit below @bethkempton as she's a talented entrepreneur & writer who inspires many, including me!

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