Quirky & Reusable Shopper Bags – 20% Off!

Lovely prints & high quality shopper bags! #reuse

Recently in the UK the big supermarkets now have to charge 5p per plastic bag used in your usual shop to help promote #reuse & help our environment by cutting down on the use of plastic bags. If you are curious then here is an article from the BBC with more information.

Myself & Kelly both use our own canvas shopper bags, which are great quality, come with sturdy handles & are super roomy. Even better they come in a whopping 15 different quirky prints & colours to make that weekly shop just that little bit brighter & more stylish! We also have a great selection of Autumn/Winter designs with gorgeous moody colours & patterns.

To make your shop that little bit easier for you we are currently giving you 20% off our entire range of shopper bags for one week:

Use the code REUSEBAGS20 to get your 20% off* for 1 week only!

Shop all of our collections here & take a look below at some of the fab designs we have on offer!

*Offer ends midnight November 19. Offer excludes all products other than shopper bags.



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