Fashion Textiles – Farewell Fall!

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Welcome back to another inspirational Tuesday post! Today we are (again!) exploring the world of surface pattern across the fashion industry. Since we are pretty much in 'goodbye Autumn, welcome Winter' mode, we want to share some pieces that make a perfect segwey into November & say farewell to Fall!

There's so much to love about each of these wonderful wardrobe additions, from their gorgeous colour palettes to their unique & quirky surface patterns. Some designs pay homage to the autumn, with baby blues & rustic tones, while others provide a little preview into the christmas season through classic plaids & frosty hues like blue & purple.

If you're not too confident fashion wise & just want to make a subtle change, why not switch out a plain piece with a printed jumper or dress? Or, if you're the more adventurous type, add a bright & bold statement jacket or scarf to your closet! With fashion, the opportunities to be expressive & try new things are endless & that's what we love about it.

Magic Forest Image via Fashion Revo


Blue Botanical Image via The Gifts of Life


Image via Bloglovin


Wonderful World Map Image via Cruel Candy


Orange Offering Image via Finch & Fawn


Bold & Icy Floral Image via BCBG


Whatever your fashion sense, we hope that today's post provides a little inspiration for you this November! Get styling everyone!

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