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Happy Thursday! I was out shopping with my little man Blayke & designer friend Louise Tiler recently & I was so excited to find my '20 Ways to Draw a Doodle' book in Waterstones! It is very surreal to see my book in an actual shop! Below are some lovely things people have said about it:

Great inspiration for doodlers! This is a great book for anyone interested in art/design or a general creative. The layout of the book has interest throughout. Lots of new ideas of ways to draw motifs from the inspiring designer Rachael Taylor. Followed her work throughout her career and have quite a few of her designs already. For fans or creatives this would make a great gift!

Five Stars. Very interesting book. Makes you look at things in a very different way.

Love this book... Great inspiration for the doodler in anyone. Even people who aren't doodlers pick up this book and give it a try. I bought a copy for my adult daughter. She loves it. My grand kids are fascinated with it. I recommend this book to anyone.

Great Book. This book is darling. It has the best doodles. It's a great book for artists or anyone interested in creating whimsical art or patterns. Great buy!!!

Kindness for the artistically disenfranchise. This was a gift for a friend who wasn't very artistically inclined, she was so grateful because she knew she had little direction, this gave her a way out. Thanks. It's a nice way to help the less talented without hurting their feelings you don't have to say anything, but once they have the book, it's as though Christmas has come early. Once the person can see and draw over the picture, it gives a sense of 'I can do this ' - a kind way to bless someone who really wants to draw, but their talents are elsewhere, without being ugly or hurting feelings.









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