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Friday Inspo – You Can Do It!

Hello everyone! It’s Friday again & we’re back to share some encouragement & happy vibes with our wonderful readers! We want to give everyone the boost of positivity they need before the weekend, so today we are sharing this lovely quote by Nelson Mandela. You might be in the process of training for a marathon, […]

Friday Inspo – No Worries!

Happy Friday lovely readers! Today’s bit of encouragement comes from the inspirational Corrie Ten Boom. We think her words are incredibly relevant to us all, but particularly for those who tend to worry lots. It can be difficult sometimes to let go of your troubles, even if only for a teeny tiny moment, but if […]

Friday Inspo – Be Patient & Love Yourself!

Hello everyone! Happy Friday to you all – we hope this week has treated you well! Since the weekend is quickly approaching, we wanted to give everyone a little helpful reminder to be patient with themselves, especially when it comes to achieving their accomplishments, being creative & reaching their most happiest. All things take time […]

Friday Inspo – Don’t Quit Your Day Dream!

Hi everyone! Hooray for another Friday! Today we wanted to spread some positivity with the help of artist Jenna Kutcher. We love her typography style & her floral, watercolour design work! Not only is this print lovely to look at, it also encourages us all to follow our dreams & to never quit! We think […]

#inmyhappyplace – 3

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed my first couple of posts, you can read them here. If you missed them here’s what it’s all about… I’m trying to make sure I’m present in the ‘here & now’ & not get caught up in the future goals as no matter how much you may want a project […]

Creative Inspo for a Fab February!

Hello lovely readers! Welcome back to another inspirational post from the RT Studio blog! Today we are sharing a wonderful bit of creative inspiration via Mollie Makes Magazine! Since Rachael loves to promote all things positive, happy & uplifting, we thought it would be lovely to share this wonderful typography design by Stephanie Baxter to get […]

Terrific Tuesday – 10 Acts of Kindness to Try!

Hello everyone – welcome back to the RT blog! As many of you may have heard (since it was posted all over the news & broadcast on the radio!) yesterday was apparently the most unhappy day of the year. ‘Blue Monday‘ was supposedly a day that marked the height of people abandoning their New Year […]

Happy Hobbies – Colouring!

Hello everyone! We hope everybody has enjoyed the lovely autumnal weekend. The outdoors is as lovely & filled with colour as ever & we can definitely tell that Halloween is on its way As you lovely readers know, we love colour inspiration here in the Rachael Taylor Studio & we like to look for it […]

#inmyhappyplace – 2

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed my first ever #inmyhappyplace post! If you missed it here’s what it’s all about… I’m trying to make sure I’m present in the ‘here & now’ & not get caught up in the future goals as no matter how much you may want a project finished, whether at home or […]

Happy Mugs – 7 Cups of Tea You Need to Have!

Hello everybody & welcome back to another inspirational Tuesday post! We hope everybody has had a fabulous weekend & a great start to the week. With Autumn in full swing & winter quietly creeping in (especially during the last few frosty mornings!) we wanted to focus a little bit on the warm & cozy today. […]