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RT Weddings – Table Numbers & Fun Signs!

Hello everyone! Now that we are well into Spring & we have Summer on the way, we can get super giddy about wedding season! If you’re planning a wedding soon, Rachael’s wedding range makes for a fabulous source of inspiration – especially if you LOVE colour! Some common palettes we see during these warmer, sunnier […]

Get Inspired – 10 Quirky Shops in the North West!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Rachael Taylor blog post! We hope you’re in the mood for some travel & shopping this coming weekend because we’ve got a fab list of quirky shops in the North West! These are some of the most unique, stylish & funky places to browse & buy across Manchester, Liverpool […]

Summer School 2016 – Early Bird Offer Now On!

We are thrilled to announce the return of Summer School in 2016 – a great way to fill your August with inspiration, creativity, new friends & lots of fun over four weeks! Summer School runs from August 1 – 26, 2016 & you can choose from our beginner,intermediate or advanced track or a combination of them. Back by popular demand, Summer School offers exciting […]

Craft Time – Scrapbook Inspo!

Hello lovely readers! We hope you’re all in a crafty, creative mood today because today’s post is all around scrapbooking & is packed full of different types of artistic inspiration! Scrapbooking is definitely a hobby that has been around for a long time. Since the start of the news / home / fashion press & […]

Interiors Roundup – Getting Creative With Ikea!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Interiors Roundup post! We hope everyone has been enjoying the (relatively) sunny Spring weather & that you have had a lovely post-Easter week. Since we’ve just had the long weekend, we’re thinking some of you might have had a start at any Spring de-cluttering, re-organising, re-decorating & home-freshening you […]

#inmyhappyplace – 3

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed my first couple of posts, you can read them here. If you missed them here’s what it’s all about… I’m trying to make sure I’m present in the ‘here & now’ & not get caught up in the future goals as no matter how much you may want a project […]

Interiors Roundup – Unique Patterned Pieces!

Hello everyone! Get excited – today’s Interiors Roundup is all around quirky & fun ways to incorporate modern surface patterns into your home! We’ve been on the hunt for unique designs on everyday items that can fit seamlessly in to your space. This week, when we came across the “Design Oasis” pinboard by Baba Souk, […]

Terrific Tuesday – 10 Acts of Kindness to Try!

Hello everyone – welcome back to the RT blog! As many of you may have heard (since it was posted all over the news & broadcast on the radio!) yesterday was apparently the most unhappy day of the year. ‘Blue Monday‘ was supposedly a day that marked the height of people abandoning their New Year […]

Home Inspiration – Custom Pegboards!

Hello all! We hope you all had a fun-filled weekend & that you’re in the mood for some more creative interiors ideas! If you’re a fan of lists, calendars, photos & just pinning things to your kitchen corkboard, you’ll love the latest trend in home organization: pegboards! Having one of her own in the studio, […]

Fun Resolutions – Mason Jar Dreams & Memories!

Hello everyone! We are super glad to be back on the blog after a wonderful Christmas break! Since we are nearly a week into January we know many of have already decided on & are working toward your 2016 resolutions. It’s always healthy to stay positive & be ambitious with your new-year plans, but we […]