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Interiors Roundup – Autumn Is Here!

Hello Lovely Readers! Welcome back to the RT blog – we hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far. Today we are super excited to be celebrating the start of one of our favourite seasons: Autumn! We absolutely love this time of year because it welcomes so much creativity, colour & opportunities to be […]

Friday Inspo – Awesome Autumnal Patterns!

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! We are so excited that Autumn is only a week away! This time of year always brings us such joy – it means lots of gorgeous colour inspo, tons of fun seasonal crafting & DIY, & fun Autumnal celebrations like Guy Fawkes & Halloween. To get you in the mood for […]

Trick or Treat – Creative Cookies for Fall Time!

Hello everybody! Get your cups of tea ready everyone! Because by the time you’ve finished reading today’s blog you’ll be ready for a biscuit to go along with your brew! Today’s blog is all about decorative sugar cookies & how they make great canvases for those creative bakers & lovers of seasonal treats! Like most […]

Interiors Roundup – Fall Decor & Crafts Galore!

Hello everybody!   It’s the first week into October & we are definitely feeling excited. This time of year always welcomes a lot of seasonal decorating & we love to get involved & inspire.   If you’re the type of person who loves to craft, or are eager to get some unique & adorable Fall […]

New Beginnings in Autumn

Hello again everyone! What a weekend it has been – the North West has taken a refreshing turn towards all things sunny, bright & warm (contrary to a sudden chilly start to September!). Despite a pleasant summery flashback, we’re still giddy about all things Autumn. There’s been a beautifully complex influx of fall colours across […]

In The Spotlight – Extra Large Cushions!

Each week we shine a spotlight on a particular item from the Rachael Taylor shop & this week we are featuring our very special, extra large, reversible cushion covers! We have been obsessed with autumn recently & we think these cushion covers really reflect some of the gorgeously deep colours you see, from our plum […]

Seasonal Inspo – ‘Picnic in the Woods’

Hello everybody! We hope everybody has had a fabulous weekend! The RT Team (Rachael, Kelly & myself) definitely had a lovely Sunday with a fun meet-up in Manchester where we had a great chat over some lovely tea & cakes. When we weren’t munching on our cakes & sandwiches,¬†we were chatting about what we would […]