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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Fun Sale – Get 40% Off!

Colourful designer bargains & fab gifts! Happy Thanksgiving lovely followers & what better way to celebrate then with some fun, quirky & colourful bargains! Grab a little something for yourself such as one of our stylish phone cases or why not snap up one of our kitchen bundles for that perfect Christmas gift? Use the code NOVEMBERFUN to get 40% off* for 4 […]

Quirky & Reusable Shopper Bags – 20% Off!

Lovely prints & high quality shopper bags! #reuse Recently in the UK the big supermarkets now have to charge 5p per plastic bag used in your usual shop to help promote #reuse & help our environment by cutting down on the use of plastic bags. If you are curious then here is an article from the BBC with […]

Spooky Halloween Sale!

‘Tis nearly Halloween & to get into the spooky spirit of things we have been running a 20% off sale of all orange & black items in the RT shop! It’s the last 2 days to grab yourself a bargain, whether that’s to get yourself decked out in our kitchen textiles, style up your phone […]

Trick or Treat – Creative Cookies for Fall Time!

Hello everybody! Get your cups of tea ready everyone! Because by the time you’ve finished reading today’s blog you’ll be ready for a biscuit to go along with your brew! Today’s blog is all about decorative sugar cookies & how they make great canvases for those creative bakers & lovers of seasonal treats! Like most […]

Interiors Roundup – Fall Decor & Crafts Galore!

Hello everybody!   It’s the first week into October & we are definitely feeling excited. This time of year always welcomes a lot of seasonal decorating & we love to get involved & inspire.   If you’re the type of person who loves to craft, or are eager to get some unique & adorable Fall […]

Happy Mugs – 7 Cups of Tea You Need to Have!

Hello everybody & welcome back to another inspirational Tuesday post! We hope everybody has had a fabulous weekend & a great start to the week. With Autumn in full swing & winter quietly creeping in (especially during the last few frosty mornings!) we wanted to focus a little bit on the warm & cozy today. […]

New Beginnings in Autumn

Hello again everyone! What a weekend it has been – the North West has taken a refreshing turn towards all things sunny, bright & warm (contrary to a sudden chilly start to September!). Despite a pleasant summery flashback, we’re still giddy about all things Autumn. There’s been a beautifully complex influx of fall colours across […]

In The Spotlight – Extra Large Cushions!

Each week we shine a spotlight on a particular item from the Rachael Taylor shop & this week we are featuring our very special, extra large, reversible cushion covers! We have been obsessed with autumn recently & we think these cushion covers really reflect some of the gorgeously deep colours you see, from our plum […]

Seasonal Inspo – ‘Picnic in the Woods’

Hello everybody! We hope everybody has had a fabulous weekend! The RT Team (Rachael, Kelly & myself) definitely had a lovely Sunday with a fun meet-up in Manchester where we had a great chat over some lovely tea & cakes. When we weren’t munching on our cakes & sandwiches, we were chatting about what we would […]

In The Spotlight – Autumn Cards

Each week we pick products from the Rachael Taylor shop to shine a spotlight on & this week we are focusing on Autumnal cards! From mulberry shades to textured foliage designs we are loving seeing the Autumn season reflected in our cards! We have one for every occasion to help your friends & family celebrate […]