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Interiors Roundup – Festive Homes!

Hello Everyone! It’s the most wonderful time of the year & we are so excited to be able to start decorating our homes & getting out our festive goodies! We’ve been seeing lots of amazing Christmas decor ideas & interior touches all over Instagram that have given us tons of festive ideas that we can’t wait […]

Interiors Roundup – Tile Appreciation!

Happy Thursday! We hope you’ve all had a fantastic week & that you’re ready to get inspired –  today we’re talking all things tiles. Like pattern, tiles are absolutely everywhere & are often used to make up a greater pattern themselves. Having been used in interior decorating for centuries, tiles are a regular feature on walls, floors, ceilings & […]

Interiors Roundup – Shelfies We Love!

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to the latest post in our Interiors Roundup series! Today we’re talking all things ‘shelfie’ – essentially a selfie for your beautifully decorated shelves! For those who follow Rachael on Instagram, you may have spotted one of her colourful shelfie’s pictured below. Here in the Rachael Taylor studio we LOVE to […]

Interiors Roundup – Home Magazine Addicts!

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog & to another post in our Interiors Roundup series! We hope the first few days of Autumn have been absolutely brilliant for you & that you’re feeling as inspired as we are! Over the last few days, the Rachael Taylor studio team have been diving into the latest […]

Interiors Roundup – MIID Student Work!

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to the latest Interiors Roundup blog! We hope you’ve all had an amazing week so far & that you’re looking forward to some gorgeous interior inspiration! As many of our readers will know, our sister company Make it in Design runs a host of fabulous surface pattern design courses each year. As […]

Interiors Roundup – Autumn is Nearly Here!

Hello Lovely Readers! Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog & to another post in our Interiors Roundup series! Today we are so excited (& a little in shock) to be writing about Autumn – can you believe it’s only 8 days away!? As our readers will know, Rachael & the studio team are passionate […]


Hey everybody! I absolutely love a good #shelfie pic & I’ve had so much fun styling some shelves in my own home with everything from floating shelves to funky pieces! Below are lots of examples of my #shelfie styling ideas. Connect with me on Instagram & share your creative shelving ideas!  

Interiors Roundup – Decals by Adnil Creations!

Happy Thursday Everyone! Welcome back to another post in our Interiors Roundup series! As our readers will know, we love sharing fun ideas & decor tips for the home in this series. Today is no exception as we’ve got some gorgeous inspo from Adnil Creations, a fab Etsy shop specialising in expressive wall & tech decals! We stumbled […]

Interiors Roundup – Desenio Paired Prints!

Hello Everyone! Happy Thursday  – we hope you’re all having an amazing week so far! Today we are excited to share on a fabulous website we came across called Desenio, an online print & frame supplier offering some truly fabulous & unique pieces of artwork. Having had a peek around their site, Desenio have something […]

Interiors Roundup – Coffee Table Decor!

Happy Thursday Everyone! Welcome back to another post in the RT Interiors Roundup series! Following up from our original coffee tables post, today we wanted to delve in a little deeper to coffee table decor! In a basic sense, a coffee table is meant to be practical – somewhere to put down your hot drinks, store […]