Interiors Roundup – Pegboard Love!

Hello Everyone!

We hope you've all had a fabulous week - here in the UK we've had some truly bizarre winter weather with TONS of snow & chilly temperatures. We've been advised to keep indoors, so we thought this was a great opportunity to get in some creative time!

Today in our Interiors Roundup series we're exploring the fabulously fun world of pegboards! You may have seen them across Instagram & Pinterest (or even in your garden shed), but there's no doubt about it - everyone seems to be loving this type of open storage. The versatility of pegboards means that you're able to have them virtually anywhere in your home without looking out of place - you can hang up your favourite mugs, display your collection of succulents & plants, or even use it to show off some cute prints!

Another great thing about pegboards is that you can choose the fixtures yourself, including pegs, plant pots, hooks, shelves & lots more, so there's lots of opportunity to get creative! You could choose to have a specific theme (i.e., a nursery board) or make it completely quirky!

Below are some examples of custom, handmade pegboards found on Etsy. While you can get pegboards from bigger chain stores, we always think it's fantastic to support smaller, local businesses so we've found some gorgeous boards from hand-makers. These show how much potential a pegboard really has & we hope they inspire you too. Why not try decorating your own this coming weekend, or better yet, creating your own?!

via MadeModVB on Etsy

Via LittleAnna on Etsy

Via LittleAnna on Etsy

Via LittleAnna on Etsy

Via SpilledMilkDesigns on Etsy

via AbricotineMTL on Etsy

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