Thursday Inspo – 2018 Calendars!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog! We hope you've had an amazing week so far & are exited for the new year ahead!

As we're starting off the new year fresh, today we wanted to share some gorgeous calendar designs from Instagram! Calendars may sound a little dull just on their own, but this area of stationery is actually booming. Surface pattern designers, illustrators & artists all over have been putting their amazing work on calendars & any trip to the stationery shop will show how many shapes & forms they actually come in! After all, for those of us who love to keep organised (or need a calendar to simply remember the basics each day), a calendar is an essential part of the day. Why not add some colour & personality too?

Calendars are always super popular at this time of year as well as we get to buy, design / make, or customise a brand new, fresh calendar for 2018! For those stationery addicts out there, you'll know the amazing feeling of starting a new calendar, diary, notepad, etc. There's nothing quite like it! So if you're like us and absolutely love shopping for stationery, take a peek below at some beautifully designed calendars!

If you are an aspiring or active designer, why not try making your own calendar this year? These lovely posts below prove just how much fun you can have with a calendar design. From funky florals to minimal & cool, there are so many ways to set your year up for success with some designs that make you happy!

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