Thursday Inspo – Hello November!

Happy Thursday!

Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog! We hope you've had a wonderful week & are as excited as we are - it's November!

November is one of those truly magical months; not only is it an exciting lead up to Christmas, it's also a month filled with lovely lights, exciting displays of colour (from fireworks to Autumn fashion) & it's a month centered around spending time with family & friends.

Like October, November welcomes tons of festive vibes that we love! Throughout this month we'll continue to see pops of orange from pumpkins & squashes, the last bright yellow & red leaves falling from the trees & lots of lovely plaid throws & scarves about (especially on bonfire night)! Don't forget all the fabulous warming fairy lights, the smell of hot chocolate & wood burners & the woolly jumpers!

To welcome November, today we wanted to share some fabulous imagery from Instagram which have been inspired by or shared in celebration of this fabulous time of year. There are so many creative ways to welcome the season & we hope this gives you a few ideas!

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