Styling With Quirky Details #3

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Throughout my home renovation & garden design project I've found that it really is the quirky details that add so much personality & dimension to a room. Today I wanted to share some tips & tricks that I use in my own home & studios to really make a room pop:

I love little statement pieces & putting together pieces that are different but have the same colours scheme running through them - such as these plates I've used in my family room.

I've used these amazingly oversized object decorations in my indoor studio - I think they really add so much personality to this little corner of the room.

I love grouping together decorations to create different set ups with various textures, colours & materials.

COLOUR! Colour is so integral to how I like to style things so I always make sure it's just right.

As you may be able to tell I like oversized things & this bespoke lampshade I designed with Lampshade Parade really is a quirky, statement piece.

I don't like things to match too much but I will occasionally put together some of the same patterns such as my 'Sketchy Stems' design featured on the cushion & footstool below.

One thought on “Styling With Quirky Details #3

  1. Sarah

    Styling like this is so brave! It takes a great eye to walk that thin line between varied and cluttered. Look at any housing magazine and you’d be convinced the whole world is just meant to be bright white, so your eclectic mix of a little bit of everything is so fabulous. The lampshade is incredible – that orange, yellow and blue combination is so striking and my brain is already working hard to figure out how I can make it work in my own rooms.


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