Choosing Colours #1

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to talk all about COLOUR & how I make my colour choices, whether that be when I'm designing or choosing schemes in my own home.

Anyones who knows me or has followed my work will know that I am a colour fanatic & that colour is such an integral part of not just my design process, but my life too. Colour can lift my spirits, even on the most grey, dull day!

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Below are some ideas & tips for how I choose colours:

I find going to look at paint colours so motivating for coming up with colour combinations. A recent trip to B&Q to look at Valspar colours really made my head whir with gorgeous palette ideas.

I'm naturally drawn to bold & bright colours & I like to surround myself with them on a daily basis to help inspire me. I love using Pantone books & just scattering out objects from around my home to help inspire my next colour palette.

You can pick up paint chips for free in most home decoration stores & I love spreading them out in front of me while I'm working. Having them physically in front of me can help trigger a possible colour combination.

I recently worked on a bespoke design job for a TV show, (unfortunately I can't say what it is yet!) & this was the colour palette I was working with. I was really inspired by the era I was briefed & I did a lot of research into the typical colours of that time. What era does it say to you?

As I mentioned I love having colour around while at home & I really wanted my garden to be a year round inspiration. Orange & yellow are some of my favourite colours & I use them a lot within my design work.

My final tip I have today is just to look around you. Some colours just go together & are used frequently in branding, on buildings & on media

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