Interiors Roundup – Desenio Paired Prints!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Thursday  - we hope you're all having an amazing week so far! Today we are excited to share on a fabulous website we came across called Desenio, an online print & frame supplier offering some truly fabulous & unique pieces of artwork.

Having had a peek around their site, Desenio have something for every home. From chic cooking themed prints around herbs & wine to mesmerising close up shots of the ocean, there is no end to the wonderful range of artwork.

Our very favourite aspect of Desenio (& what encouraged our blog post!) is how they help their customers to choose art pairings for their home. Sometimes with so much choice, it can be difficult to pick one or two pieces for your space, but Desenio have also created the 'Perfect Pair' -  a part of their website that pairs artwork that compliment one another.

We absolutely love the combinations they have created; while some are heavily matched, others are quirky pairs that many of us wouldn't have considered! This is truly a fab way to get out of your comfort zone with the artwork within your space.

Below are some gorgeous pairing examples that really caught our eye, but we encourage you to have a peek around the site to see what suits you best! Even if you don't need any wall art right now, Desenio is filled with stylish home inspiration so it's definitely worth a peek! Who knows, it may even encourage you to create your own original prints & artwork!

Have a lovely day everyone!

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