Bespoke Floor Vinyl Printing

In June you may have spotted my post about designing a bespoke floor vinyl for my new outdoor studio cabin & the dream finally came true! You can refer to that previous post for all of the design challenges we came across but this post is all about the printing!

To give you an idea of scale, each of the circles within the pattern are 30cm in diameter. I decided to go with such a busy & quirky design to add some colour & pattern to my studio cabin, since the walls are currently a white, blank canvas. Three of these strips that you see being printed will fill a 3m by 4m space.

The vinyl is now off to the specialist vinyl finishers & then will soon be fitted into the cabin. I can't wait & I will make sure to share lots of photos of the floor eventually being laid, as well as images of the cabin when it is fully styled & finished. To see the beginnings of the cabin being built then you can check out my garden design project series here on the blog. You can also check out #rachaeltaylorgarden for more behind the scenes.

With thanks to my studio manager Kelly for her patience with the (giant!) file & with special thanks to Atrafloor & their designer Kat for their quality printing, help & documenting the process for me!

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