Interiors Roundup – Coffee Table Decor!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Welcome back to another post in the RT Interiors Roundup series! Following up from our original coffee tables post, today we wanted to delve in a little deeper to coffee table decor!

In a basic sense, a coffee table is meant to be practical - somewhere to put down your hot drinks, store your electronic bits & bobs & depending on the type of table, somewhere to put your feet up! But more & more we are seeing coffee tables become the decor centrepiece of the room - Pinterest & Instagram are flooded with gorgeous examples of super stylish coffee tables that we LOVE!

Aside from looking amazing, the best thing about creating an on-trend coffee table display is that it's super easy! Simply by adding a few of your favourite / flip-friendly books, a bold centrepiece (such as flowers or a vase) & even a stylish runner, you can achieve a gorgeous looking table that is both interesting & welcoming.

To give you some inspiration, today we have found some of our favourite coffee tables / table top accessories that we spotted on Instagram PLUS a fabulous little IG guide to an amazing coffee table display. With so many different styles, we think anyone can find a way to revamp their table for their unique space. These basic design principles can also be applied to your shelves, your mantlepieces, your dressers & more!

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