Interiors Roundup – Rings & Things!

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If you're anything like the RT Team, you're a lover of accessories. From hair clips and earrings to rings, necklaces & bracelets, we are huge fans of bringing personality, style & colour to our outfits with the 'extras,' as they really can make a statement or complete an outfit!

One thing every accessory lover will have experienced is the struggle to keep their bits & bobs organised. After all, not all accessories suit the season, your mood, or your outfit, so some may need to be stored away. But for those of us who love our collections and have 'favourite' pieces, it seems a shame to hide them in a jewellery box or in a drawer. It deserves to be on display!

With that in mind, we recently took to IG to see what others had been doing with their accessories & to find out if there was a stylish, interiors-friendly way to show off our rings & things. As it turns out, the handmade ceramics industry has us covered, as crafters from all over the world have begun to craft super chic & trendy ring dishes, earring holders, necklace racks & more.

Needless to say, we fell in love! With all these fabulous little dishes, we found it easy to organise our collections & thought that these little ornaments added an extra bit of style to our homes. So if you're an avid accessory wearer & want to keep your collection on display, be sure to check out the shops & makers featured below, or take a peek at Rachael's licensed 'Bling Boxes' with Deny Designs, which an hold over 300 pieces & display them inside stylish, colourful case!

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