Interiors Roundup – La ZUZE Upholstery!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to another Interiors Roundup blog post! Today we've got some fabulous inspiration in store for any furniture lovers out there!

As our readers will know, we always keep an eye out for unique interior touches with tons of personality. That's why we were so thrilled to come across La ZUZE Upholstery on Etsy! LZU is a Manchester-based shop that sells upcycled furniture (specifically chairs & stools), often in gorgeous, bright patterns & colours!

The first item in the La Zuze shop that caught our eye was their Queen Anne Wingback Chair (pictured below) & from there we were in love! We can imagine these bold prints & patterns in a super stylish home.

La ZUZE describes their shop as "[A] passion and love for upholstery put in exclusive one-off pieces of furniture to bring the fresh and quirky vibes into your home." With such a creative & vibrant shop motto, it's no wonder we adore their creations so much! Commenting on the history of their wonderful shop, LZU say, "'La ZUZE Upholstery' was born from the love of learning and exploring the new and unknown. With the almost accidental turn of learning how to create a footstool in an uphostery class, the newly discovered hobby was born.

The furniture presented here on 'La ZUZE Upholstery' is nowhere near commercially made furniture. Every single piece of furniture you see here is an expression of self and passion for giving a new life and use to both brand new products and materials and beautiful pre-loved furniture."

If you love the work below as much as we do, be sure to visit the La ZUZE shop yourself! You can also follow La ZUZE on Pinterest & Facebook. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Interiors Roundup – La ZUZE Upholstery!

  1. Sarah Hunt

    The winged armchair is what I live for! What an amazing piece for a room. I love how these aren’t mass produced pieces of furniture like IKEA ones where the only part of someone that’s gone into it are the blood, sweat and tears of the poor people who have to assemble the flatpack! I’m particularly loving blue and yellow at the moment so the adorable footstool above really caught my eye. Some great picks!


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