Interiors Roundup – Cinematic Lightboxes!

Hello Everybody!

Hooray for another post in our Interiors Roundup series! Today we wanted to write about one of our favourite new home accessories - cinematic lightboxes!

These customisable, super-chic & fun lightboxes are popping up all over Instagram. We absolutely love how they resemble an old fashioned cinema sign & how they can display any message you'd like them to!

A great idea would be to have a positive or inspiring quote of the week, just to remind you to keep your chin up. They're also great for seasonal celebrations or parties, so you can add a special personalised touch.

Rachael is also a big fan of cinematic lightboxes & features one in her own home! We've included her creations below, along with some of ouor favourite IG posts that feature these cinematic accessories (just to give you a bit of inspiration for your own display).

We hope you all feel a little inspired by today's post - we cant wait to think of some fun new quotes to display in our lightboxes!

Posted by: Holly

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