Interiors Roundup – #makeahouseahome

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Welcome back to another Interiors Roundup post! If you've been following Rachael's Instagram, you might have seen that she's been excitedly decorating her lovely new home in Liverpool! She's not only been adding tons of colour to her space, but she's been adding lots of decorative bits & bobs to give her space personality & style.

One of the hashtags we've been using to document Rachael's decorative process on Instagram is #makeahouseahome, which many IG users are also using to share their renovating, decorating & home conversions on social media. We think it's super fun to be able to watch everyone's journey in creating family-friendly, unique & happy homes!

So today, to gain a little more design inspiration, we decided to search for posts who shared the makeahouseahome hashtag & pick some of our favourites! In the end we were delighted with the search results, because so many of you are taking to social media to boast your wonderful design sense & creativity! Some used the hashtag to document the building work & painting, while others used it to capture those lovely little moments amongst a big project (like finally having time for a brew or play with the kids!) All in all we thought it was a lovely idea & we're happy to be sharing some inspiration with you all!

So here are our top ten favourite results of our #makeahouseahome hashtag search. There are plenty of other hashtags you can also search to get some home inspo, like #instahomes or #instainteriors too - we love it!

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Wishing everyone the best in all their renovations & home projects! Pop back for more interiors inspiration each week from the RT studio blog!

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