Pattern & Your Home – 10 Fun Ideas to Try!

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Welcome back to another Rachael Taylor blog post! Today we're sharing ten fun ways to incorporate more surface pattern into your everyday life, mainly through your home. There are a million great reasons to have more patterns in your space; not only can it provide lots of colour, it can be a great way to be expressive with your interior design choices, show off your style & even exhibit your own designs! Ultimately, whether it's on your wallpaper, bespoke pieces, textiles, or your own work in a studio space, there are lots of creative, inventive & easy ways to pop a bit of print into your home.

Below we've found ten ideas to inspire you & to get you thinking about adding some life to your space with prints & patterns. We absolutely love how versatile these options are - some may require a little DIY & getting your hands dirty (like replacing the wallpaper, painting, adding some decoupage to furniture), but many are simple & straightforward, like adding surface patterned textiles to your rooms (duvet, cushions, tapestries & more).

We know redecorating can be a bit intimidating at times too, so we hope today's examples has given you a boost & shown you just how easy it can be to make your home happier & full of bright, vibrant prints. If you aren't sure on what colour to choose for your rooms, why not check out this blog post by author Lisa Byrne around room colour, happiness & productivity!

Urban Bed Spreads


Own designs hanging


We hope we've inspired you today, we'd love to hear from you too! Get in touch via Instagram & show us patten in your home! Happy decorating!

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