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Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed my first couple of posts, you can read them here. If you missed them here's what it's all about...

I'm trying to make sure I'm present in the 'here & now' & not get caught up in the future goals as no matter how much you may want a project finished, whether at home or at work, thinking of the end goal shouldn't distract you so much that you loose sight & forget to celebrate the little & daily things along the way.

It sounds silly (& cheesy!) but every evening I try to now think of all the things that have made me happy that day. As no matter how bad a day you are having I like to think everyone has at least one thing (no matter how tiny), that they can celebrate. Therefore I've decided to start a new column on the blog called #inmyhappyplace to document & cheer about those little moments of happiness. Welcome to #inmyhappyplace & here are the second set of moments of joy that I wanted to share with you.

Over the past week I've loved...

  • Receiving a lovely photo of Blayke just looking adorable. His little face just made me melt! (Taken a my Sister's truly stunning wedding, more on that to follow at a later date...)
  • My debut umbrella collection launched with British brand Soake at Spring Fair, I'm really pleased with the quality & the feedback that we have received so far
  • The super sweet Valentine's picture featuring Blayke's feet! His nursery is so great & I can't even begin to tell how reassuring it is to see him so excited when he arrives on a morning. They are always making fun things
  • Blue skies, YES SUNNY BLUE SKIES I'm really not a Winter person. It's so refreshing to see Spring trying to pop through, the blossom & daffodils have started growing in the garden & it's just so nice!
  • Adding more loveliness & organisation to my studio which included more ribbon / twine rails created from a Ikea curtain hack. (We had another 2 water leaks recently so it's been great to restore a sense of calm again)
  • Receiving a super cute photo & video from Blayke's nursery. He loves to paint, create & get messy! It's so fab to see him so happy with a paintbrush. Mini designer in the making!?
  •  A fab sneak peek of a bespoke furniture collaboration with Jess & Jules & I'm just beyond excited! (More on that to follow... Watch this space)

I'd love to hear what's put a smile on your face over the past week! What makes you laugh, feel special or grateful? Share your moments with me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Rachael xo








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