Creative Inspo – Fun with Texture!

Hello everybody & welcome back to the RT blog! Get your sketchbooks & doodle-pads ready - today's post is all around inspiring ourselves & our artwork with texture!

If you're a regular reader of our blog or if you have ever taken any of the Make It In Design modules, you'll know that Rachael always encourages us to find creative inspiration from wherever we can, especially via the colours & textures of everyday life. Many of Rachael's own designs feature lots of layered, quirky shapes that create depth & texture, which have been inspired by things like rusting paint, leaves, chipping brick/rocks, organic imagery, fabric & much more.

The best thing about the textures we come across is that they are often naturally occurring & spontaneous, yet work beautifully as a pattern or print. Taking inspiration from this is a great way to get yourself loosened up with your doodling & appreciate the beauty & creativity the world around us always offers. It also goes to show that you don't always have to be strict with your style & can afford to get a little crazy in your sketch book!

Today we've picked a few fab textures we found on Pinterest to get you inspired. We love how each one covers a different medium & can be found in plenty of places without looking too hard.

texture rust texturetexture lichen birchtexture

We hope after today you'll feel a little inspired & start creating even more! Happy doodling everyone!

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