Creative Inspo for a Fab February!

Hello lovely readers!

Welcome back to another inspirational post from the RT Studio blog! Today we are sharing a wonderful bit of creative inspiration via Mollie Makes Magazine!

Since Rachael loves to promote all things positive, happy & uplifting, we thought it would be lovely to share this wonderful typography design by Stephanie Baxter to get your February off to a great start:


Stephanie takes inspiration from a famous Pablo Picasso quote in her design & with her wonderful typography work & fab illustrations, she makes it her own. Not only do we love the visual side of Stephanie's work, but we think she has chosen a great quote that's sure to encourage any creative person too. As the quote says, we can always learn the rules like a pro, but we think it takes heart, soul & creativity to be an artist. Often times art is about breaking those rules & being unique!

Perhaps the most fun part of Stephanie's design is how she has brought Picasso's sentiment to life: by contrasting the top half of the design, which is mathematical & graph like, with the bright & spontaneous feeling lower half, Stephanie has demonstrated how much more fun it is to make your own rules when it comes to being creative (just like she has!)

All in all, we think Stephanie's design boasts the importance in creatively challenging the norm & exploring your own uniqueness as a creative individual. We love it!

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