Interiors Roundup – Adorable, Hand-Made Ceramics!

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to our weekly IR post! Today we have a super fun & adorable decor idea from a fabulous Etsy shop called Minky Moo Ceramics!

Minko Moo Ceramics was created & is owned by Esther Baggott, who hails from Sydney Australia. In her bio, Esther says, "I have always been a maker of crafty things - sewing, drawing, knitting, jewellery and print making. But when I started a ceramics evening class six years ago, I realised I had found my craft niche!" (We think so too!)

Since these pots have a lot of personality, we think they would make a fabulous addition to your work desk, shelf display, table tops, or pretty much anywhere. Even if you're not a plant person, these little pots make for great organizers for all your little bits & bobs around the house!

There are tons of fun hand-made creations to choose from in Esther's shop, but here are seven of our favorites, ranging from little animals to other critters, they just make us want to smile!


All in all, we totally agree that ceramics are Esther's calling - she definitely has a wonderful eye for making super fun, adorable interior touches. We hope today's post has inspired you to add a little more character to your space, shop locally & be unique with your interior design!

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