Interiors Roundup – 5 Gorgeous DIY Headboards!

Hello all!

Hooray for the first Interiors Roundup of 2016! This year we want to share even more DIY interior ideas for all our wonderful readers to try. We think being more creative, being productive & having fun are all important & rewarding resolutions, so keep checking back for more inspiration!

Today's post is all about DIY headboards for your home. A headboard can completely change the look & feel of a room (in a really great way!) & can add lots of style to your space. In most cases, a headboard is a simple shape made with inexpensive materials that welcomes tons of creative input. You can paint them, add fairy lights, add fabrics & much more; ultimately they become a fantastic focal point as well as a canvas for you!

We've picked 5 doable & unique headboard projects to help give you an idea of what you can do with your room. We love that you can customise these however you want & for lots of different spaces like nurseries & kids' rooms, guest rooms & more!

So here you have it - 5 gorgeous DIY headboards to get your creative cogs turning (check down below for links to each one!)






1 - Fabric Covered Headboard via Kindle Your Creativity

2 - Rustic Wooden Headboard via Homedit

3 - Fairy Light Windows Headboard via Apartment Therapy

4 - Vintage Shutter Headboard via Decorating Your Small Space

5 - Dream Catcher Headboard via The Whoot

Happy DIY everyone!

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