Home Inspiration – Custom Pegboards!

Hello all!

We hope you all had a fun-filled weekend & that you're in the mood for some more creative interiors ideas! If you're a fan of lists, calendars, photos & just pinning things to your kitchen corkboard, you'll love the latest trend in home organization: pegboards!

Having one of her own in the studio, Rachael is a big fan of these wonderful boards made by Block Design. Coming in a fab selection of colours & styles, these boards make for a fun & creative way to stay organised in your day to day. What's even better, Block Design make tons of fun little accessories & additions (like Scrabble-style letters) that you can use to spell out family names, favourite quotes & more!

Below we've picked some of the most recent designs on the Block Design website that we love. Some feature more artsy examples of how you can customise your board, as well as some more practical ideas. If you choose to get your own pegboard, just be sure to get creative with it!





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