Fun Resolutions – Mason Jar Dreams & Memories!

Hello everyone!

We are super glad to be back on the blog after a wonderful Christmas break! Since we are nearly a week into January we know many of have already decided on & are working toward your 2016 resolutions.

It's always healthy to stay positive & be ambitious with your new-year plans, but we think the little resolutions are just as important as the big ones (especially those that encourage happiness, positivity & fun all year round!) Today we are sharing two little ideas that you can commit to starting this month & carry on with all year: DIY jar dreams & memories!

So how does it work? It's simple! Rather than tossing out any old jars laying about, set aside two of the nicest (& perhaps easiest to decorate) that you have. Then, designate a "memories" jar & a "dreams" jar (decorated however you like) that you can keep up to date throughout 2016.

To give you a little visual inspo, check out these two examples found on We Heart It  & DIY Ready!


We think that these little jars are a great way to document & treasure your fondest moments & remember all your creative, quirky & inspirational dreams. It also gives you something wonderful, fun & exciting to look forward to at the end of the year when you open them all up again & start reminiscing!

Whatever your resolutions are for 2016, here's to making them fun, doable & rewarding in 2017!

Happy New Year!

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