Digital Designs – Fun Phone Wallpapers!

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another fun, bright & colourful post from the RT studio! Today we want to help you brighten up your most used accessory - your phone!

Even though we carry them everywhere, always have them out in our hands & work & socialise with our mobile phones & tablets, it's surprising how little we think about these devices as accessories. Just like your handbag or jewellery, our phones can be a way to make a style statement & there are so many fun ways to do it.

One of the most popular ways to give your mobile some style is to buy a case, many of which come in a number of colours & patterns. Realistically, we don't need to buy phone cases that frequently, so as an alternative idea to keep your phone looking fresh is to frequently change your phone wallpaper!

Today we've picked out a few fun wallpapers for you all to try out - there's a pretty good range here between warm & cool colours, tonal & typographical themes & more! Pinterest is full of other fab options too based on things like seasons, special occasions & whatever is trending in fashion!

Here are just a few from our 'favourites, on Pinterest. If you like one of these, be sure to click on the image to find out where to download these wonderful wallpapers & the fab designers behind them. imageimageimageimageimage


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