Happy Thoughts – Imagination Inspiration!

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another RT Studio post!

Since we have been posting some fun 'things to do' Christmas posts, we wanted to add in a little inner inspiration for our lovely readers to help boost their spirit during the holidays.

It's definitely true that we love Christmas & all the lovely things that come with it  - the trees, lights, baubles, nice food, drink & gifts make for such a fabulous & enjoyable time of year.  But amongst all the rituals, traditions & many material aspects of Christmas, we want to make sure we always remember the magic of this special time.

Today we've picked a bright & colourful design by Rachael that says, "imagination is everything." During Christmas, we think imagination is really important; reminiscing on past holidays & imagining the laughter, joy & happiness the next Christmas will bring can really get us in the mood for the upcoming festive period. Not only that,  children all over the world will be imagining what presents & sweet treats Santa & his reindeer will bring them.

So if you've not had a chance to get into your festive self & been a little too worried about the material side of the holidays, why not have a little moment to remember your past Christmases & imagine all the fun, laughs, food, drink & happy times to come this December & in the new year!


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