Christmas Inspo – 5 Lovely Gift Wrapping Ideas!

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Welcome back to the blog! It's hard to believe that in just over a week it will be Christmas. By now we expect that many of you have done all your decorating & are focusing on getting you gifts wrapped & ready for the big day. As always, we love to find the creative side in everything - from cooking to fashion, we think so many simple & routine things in life invite creative inspiration.

That's why today we are talking about gift wrapping! There are so many wonderful ways to wrap a gift (or to present your present!). The variety of colours, patterns, textures & other decorative bits & bobs to choose from can make gift wrapping closer to a DIY craft or hobbie than a routine Christmas chore.

Today we've selected 5 varieties of gift wrapping that really caught our eye. We love how they range from really simple & organic to elaborate individual creations. Whether you're a lover of bold colours, patterns, or just the minimalist style, we think these can provide you with some fabulous wrapspiration!






Botanical White & Gold: We love so many things about this gift wrap! It not only has a lovely festive colour combination, in includes a gorgeous floral touch, texture with some feathers & some lovely typography on the tag. Right up our alley!

Minty Spots & Diamonds: We love this unconventional shade of green! It definitely provides a great contrast to the traditional sprigs & pinecones!

Enchanted Woods: If you're a fan of forest animal prints, this will be right up your alley! We especially like the royal blue silhouettes against the white! The hot pink string also makes a lovely & quirky pop of colour!

Bright & Happy: We LOVE this patterned paper, even though it's hardly Christmas themed. We think gift wrap is a great way to reflect not only your style, but the recipient's too. The best thing about these lovely patterns is that they are printable!

Polka Dot Parcel Paper: Parcel paper is a hugely trendy type of wrapping paper this year. It's fabulously versatile & welcomes lots of creative input from the gift giver. It can be dressed up with almost anything & we definitely love it for that reason!

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